Do Not Interact with me if you do/are associated with/support the following:Purposefully ignore and consider human rights issues as unimportant
(i.e. issues relating to BIPOC (especially black folk), LGBTQ+, disabled
folk, neurodivergent folk, etc.)
Support Trump/Blue Lives Matter/All Lives Matter/ICE"MAPS"/"NOMAPS"/Pedophilia/ZooNFTsPro-Life/Anti-Abortion/"Protection at Conception" crowdBeing a contrarian or "neutral" for ANY of the above listed
(i.e. "Devils advocate", "well, let's see what the other side thinks")
Prosyletize or preach at/"pray for" others when it's unwanted.
I don't want to hear it and I don't care.


Eden , AKA. Kismet / Karma, "King Kismet"

My name's Kismet, but you can call me Karma as well.
I'm a black and trans masculine 23-year-old artist and developer in Maryland, USA, and an
Ex-Jehovah's Witness since 2011. I'm also neurodivergent and disabled, fighting Multiple Sclerosis since 2018.
These side accounts are dedicated to talking about my experiences with religious trauma,
specific to being an ex-Jehovah's Witness and how it's affected me and many others. I will be
deconstructing and expressing myself through artworks, while also working to expose the JW cult.
My goal is to get some catharsis, and hopefully, this can be useful to those who have left or gone through
the same issues, or may need guidance on what to do in case they are in a similar position as I once was.
My main artwork and content accounts can be found here, which are 18+ only.

Cast of Characters

Frequent characters and faces in my artwork and what they represent.This list will be updated as I move forward with this project.


Providence is an angel representing order and disorder (any pronouns).
They are often used whenever I need to express issues with morality, especially
in the context of religious trauma and damage, and often shows up in the context
of rejecting damaging teachings, while also expressing grief.